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The Defense Attaché


The Defense Attaché

The Defense Attaché Office in Kabul is run by an Army Colonel assisted by a Non-Commissioned Officer and 2 Carabinieri. Institutionally, the Military Attaché represents the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Joint Staffs.

The office follows every aspect related to the development of Afghanistan military policy, as well as activities that might interest the Italian Armed Forces.

In Afghanistan, where is actually stationed one of the biggest Italian contingent deployed out of the country, the Defense Attaché Office:

- represents the Chief of Defense to the Afghan Defense General Staff and constitutes the link between the Ministry of Defense and the Defense Secretary General with their top afghan homologues and counterparts;
- supervises, based on the training possibilities offered by the Chief of Defense, the selection of the afghan military personnel to be sent to the Italian military schools and institutes for training courses;
- performs activities aimed at the developing of the bilateral relations and the exchange of knowledge with Afghanistan and the military attachés of other countries accredited there;
- establishes the link between the Embassy and the Italian Military Authorities in the homeland and in Afghanistan;
- coordinates and provides assistance to the Defense delegations for preparing and organizing visits, meetings and activities of interest of the Defense;
- monitors the development of the politico-military situation in Afghanistan;
- keeps the geopolitical monograph of the homeland updated;
- develops the opportunities offered by Afghanistan to promote the Italian national economic system;
- cooperates with the Diplomatic Representation in the event of evacuation, hospitalization and recovery of countrymen.

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