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The "Julia" Brigade replaces the "Ariete" Brigade at the helm of the "Resolute Support" Missione Western Command




Today at Camp Arena, headquarters of the Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC-W), the Italian-led western Command of the NATO Mission to Afghanistan "Resolute Support" (RS), took place the Transfer of Authority ceremony between the 132nd Armoured Brigade "Ariete", led by Brigadier General Enrico Barduani, and the Alpine Brigade "Julia" of Brigadier General Alberto Vezzoli.

The Commander of Resolute Support, Gen. Austin Scott Miller, took part in the ceremony, which took place in a reduced format due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

In his speech, Gen. Miller expressed his satisfaction for the excellent work done by the Italian troops and commended Gen. Barduani and the whole Ariete Brigade for their achievements in the last eight months, the training, advising and assisting in favour of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, as well as for the numerous civ-mil cooperation activities which have benefitted the local population.

Since December 2019 the Ariete Brigade has performed a host of activities, mentoring the ANDSF and in particular the 207th Corps of the Afghan Army and the local Provincial Police commands, even through the worst of the COVID pandemic, thanks to the widespread use of technological means.




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