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Italy and Afghanistan

Between 2002 and 2021, the Italian Cooperation contributed to the development of Afghanistan with a total amount of 1.25 billion euro, both in the form of grants and aid credits, allocated to the following sectors: infrastructure and urban planning, healthcare, governance and justice, private sector, education, gender equality, agriculture, rural development, preservation of cultural heritage. Initially, the focus was on the provinces of Kabul and Herat; later, projects took place also in the province of Bamiyan and in the rest of the country.

In August 2021, the AICS Office in Kabul was evacuated, and the competence on Afghanistan was then passed to the AICS Office in Islamabad.

After 15th August 2021, Italy took action along with the international community to provide the Afghan population with the assistance required by the ongoing humanitarian crisis. During the High-level Conference on Afghanistan of 13th September 2021, organized by the United Nations, Italy announced a commitment of 150 million euro, in favour both of Afghanistan and of the bordering countries facing the influx of afghan refugees. Funds were allocated to UN agencies (UNOCHA, UNHCR, IOM, WFP, UNHAS, OMS, UNICEF, UNFPA) and international organisations (ICRC, IFRC), sometimes resorting to national and international NGOs. At the following Donors Conference held in March 2022, Italy announced an additional tranche of 50 million euro.

Italy, along with other international donors, applies a “humanitarian plus” approach, aiming at providing an answer to the emergency needs of afghan citizens (food security, shelter) and to supply basic services in sectors such as healthcare and education. Italy devotes particular attention to women and vulnerable groups.